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Today a slightly different post to celebrate my place of work getting recyclable carton straws. As it turns out, a European Union law may pass in 2019 to ban many one-use plastics. This would be amazing, fingers crossed ! I remember this photograph of a sea horse holding on to a Q-tip snapped by Justin Hofman was wake up call for me as it was for many others.

Justin Hofman

Good news ahead then, on the reduction of single use plastics. The portraits brushed in this article do not mean to correspond to anyone specifically and should not be taken seriously. In the end, if you enjoyed your coffee and had a nice time the barista that made it will be happy. Also, no matter what you do you will never be worse than the person that asks for a to-go cup when they are staying in.

1. Cappucino (medium)

You are basic. I have made twenty of these since seven o- clock. You are echoing a line of people you have never met because of the basic-ness of your taste.

Yet, there is a certain panache to being ordinary. Its a sure bet, and there is a reason why it is so popular. When I give this to you, I imagine you found the motivation to get to work this morning by promising yourself to treat yourself to a nice foamy cappuccino once you got to work. You may be a venture capitalist and this gives you the one element of stability you need. You may be on a date and you got a bit nervous and went for a safe choice. You like sprinkling cinnamon, cocoa and brown sugar on top. You do you.

2. Latte (medium)

Odds are you are a bubbly coworker or sporty mum here with a friend. Bonus points if its one shot. Just a positive person’s drink.

3. Espresso

You are either Italian, French, or a very busy person.

4. Espresso machiatto

You make my day because this is fun to do but I have no idea if there is any point to this drink. You appreciate things that are well done and the gestures behind the execution. You “need” art and you probably cook as well.

5. Moccacino

You have no taste buds.

6. Mocha

You’re not a snob and you don’t take life too seriously. You’ve kept your inner child awake and you want to enjoy this treat. Sometimes. you’re a little selfish.

7. Cortado

You try to be laid back but you feel like nobody will ever love you as you could love them. You’ll find your person, stay strong.

8. Flat white

You want to be a connoisseur but you’re just drinking a latte with an extra shot and paying double the price. You’re a bit too focused on appearances and what others think of you, flat white, and even if you do work hard you should try working smart.

9. Americano

You believes things were better back in the day. You like taking your time.

10. Decaf

You may be pregnant. Otherwise you are a mindful soul who respects their body even if it means going outside of conventions. Sometimes people call you boring but usually you don’t give in to peer pressure and in the long run decaf, that’s character.

Now that you know what your coffee says about you, make sure your coffee cups only says one thing: I will not contribute to plastic waste.


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