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The Free Fall series, organised by Loos Verein Voor Improvisation (LVVI) served us some improv goodness this Thursday (February 21st) at Studio Loos .

The venue is simple: a few neon lights, a small sitting area with leather couches and a Persian-looking rug for the stage. As for most of small scale cultural events in The Hague like Bartalk or the Nieuwe Regentes Film Club the presentation is in English. Perhaps this is due to the international nature of both audience and performers as well as high student involvement (there is an art school and a conservatory in the city which attract talented individuals from across the globe).


First up was Timothée Quost. His primal treatment of the trumpet hits like a hardcore brain massage. During the experience the artist is in osmosis with his music, exploring through sound. Best enjoyed eyes closed or on the ground for better concentration.


Second was Görkem Arikan. NOW HOW THE FUCK DID HE DO THIS and THIS IS SO COOL were my immediate thoughts. My overactive mind was pleased and entertained by a performance that could be described as futuristic anime meets virtual reality game-play. The invention is amazing and shows great promise: I am exited to see what will come next.


The two artists then challenged themselves to a duo that found its groove in a powerful rhythmic ending. Free Fall will be back on March 7th for its fifth session with GEOFF LEIGH and more. CASH ONLY/5e.

Stay tuned if you would like me to report on more cultural happenings around Den Haag!

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