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Today while I perused the shelves of my local EkoPlaza (a well established organic store here in the Netherlands) a new label caught my attention: plastic vrij.

It was attached to the price tag of a glass jar of pineapples. I thought at first it was simply introduced to bring attention to non-plastic containers. I was already enthusiastic about the initiative when I walked by the grains (couscous, lentils, quinoa) section and found that the label was also attached to what looked like plastic packaging. Turns out, they have a special kind of biodegradable packaging that looks just like it!


After looking into it I found out about the Ekoplaza Lab that works towards reducing plastic and creating alternative solutions: since the lab closed, all 680 products are available in every store, including mine. They also promote saying “yes to glass”. What a great surprise and super step forward, well done !


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