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One of the best ways to discover a city or to enjoy a free day is to spend a few hours in a cosy cafe. All have a distinct personality and bring you into a unique atmosphere. Depending on the mood or the purpose of your journey The Hague offers a multitude of spaces, from fancy to charming, from conceptual to thematic and always in the heart of their respective neighbourhood. Most of these cafes offer more than a cappuccino and a slice of cake, you will also find great meal options on the menu. Find a good lunch spot in The Hague with this list of best cafes and lunchrooms by neighbourhood. To help you navigate this list, you can also use the map below to find what is closest to you.

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This article is updated regularly. Check back for updates.


A sort of tucked away historical neighbourhood that I find uniquely graceful and delicate. Most cafes are around Reinkenstraat, a peaceful shopping street where you will also find the best koffiebroodjes at Bakery Hessing. Check out Sweelinckplein for a lovely green break.

Michel Boulangerie & Patisserie

3 locations in The Hague. Authentic french bakery (try the almond croissant). Wide and peaceful minimalist space. A few tables outside to catch the sun. Food options include fresh baguette sandwiches.


Cute, nice aesthetic.


Home to many street festivals and some of the most popular and exiting streets of the Hague -Prins Hendrikstraat, Zoutmanstraat, Piet Heinstraat- the large Kwartier of Zeehelden (“Sea Heroes Quarter”) is a home to numerous unique shops, second hand and collectable, eclectic, creative, designer objects. Many decorative facades and endless hours to be spend exploring each space and walking the buzzing streets.

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Cafe 42

No computers allowed. Not speciality coffee but very careful attention paid to each cup served. Superior food and the menu constantly changes. Organic and local ingredients and dishes creatively made with love. Owner is a chef so definitely a good pick if you need are in need of a restaurant in The Hague for lunch.

Pim Coffee Sandwiches & Vintage

Two locations in The Hague. Strong concept, I was lowkey disappointed they didn’t have a vintage rack but the decoration makes up for it. Nice simple food. I had an enjoyable brunch experience.

Bij Clarence

Intimate, warm vibe. Great tartines and hearty food and drink selection including lemongrass chai and homemade lemonade. Possibility to sit outside or sometimes in the inner patio. Adorable staff.

Crunch Cafe

An all time favourite. You’re welcome to come and work or bring the kids, the cafe is open late as well. Generous breakfast with vegan option. Smoothest milk foam, delicious side cookie.

Haley’s Comet Breakfast Club

Chill and friendly nostalgic 80s vibe, this cafe is also a club, in the sense that it aims to provide a carefree space where you can be yourself and feel empowered. In honour of the Halley’s comet. A pleasure for the eyes and the taste bud. This cafe is screams good taste and doubles up as a pop op space regularly. Offers coffee subscription on-the-go neighbours.

Single Estate Coffee Bar

A little bit of a snobby look at first but the atmosphere is really laid back. A good spot to bring a coffee nerd but also to simply enjoy the minimalist pace and home made pastries. Be sure to charge your appliances beforehand however, since they purposefully omitted power outlets.

Also check out: Bartine’s new location in the Piet.


The city centre is home to the Binnenhof which hosts many of the political organs of the Netherlands. You will find there the mainstream shops and cinemas as well as the central station and other landmark buildings such as the Peace Palace in a juxtaposition of historical and modern architecture.

De Kade

Wagenstraat 193, 2512 AW Den Haag

A little tucked away from the busy streets, De Kade is a combined bakery and restaurant topped with a wine bar. Bonus: it is located right alongside a shimmery canal. Enough said.


A dutch classic where people go for apple pie with whipped cream. You will spot all walks of life including senior dutch men in light beige suits reading the Volkskrant. An impressive interior with high ceilings and cinematic vibe.

Cafe Belmondo

Quality coffee. Separate sitting area upstairs, lovely to work in and nice view.

Central Library Cafe

Spui 68, 2511 BT Den Haag

Adorable staff, great place to enjoy a newly borrowed book. PIN only.


Herengracht 11, 2511 EG Den Haag

Very cool and minimalist, perfect for an espresso before catching your train.

Sisi Bubble Tea

Wagenstraat 54, 2512 AN Den Haag

My favourite bubble tea spot. Also amazing savoury veggie pancakes.

Paagman Cafe

This little gem is tucked away and in my opinion highly underrated. A slightly outdated pastel tea corner for a quiet afternoon overlooking the bookshop. Adorable staff. Only downside is the wifi being public KNP.


New addition to the Prinsestraat for lunching and working. During busy times there might be laptop-free hours. Scarves available if you get cold and very accommodating staff. Pear and goat cheese sandwich is approved. Keep away if you don’t like sprinkles.


Very grammable interior. Nice outside sitting area alongside palace gardens which is a real plus. For the price, go for a doppio. The toilets are cool.


Up and coming neighbourhood with lots of new shops and second hand treasures as well as a lively vibe. The uber-long Weimarstraat is a never ending source of wonder. Take the afternoon and wonder around my favourite area of Den Haag, stop for a moment to admire the Energie Centraal from the canal bridge.

Cafe Emma

Beautiful space, ideal outside sitting for observing laangslopen around the roundabout. Classic style, good for beer and dinner also. No milk alternatives.


A gem. Best side cake in town. Lovely mindful staff who make you feel at home. Closed on Mondays.


Decorated in partnership with neighbourhood vintage design shop and it shows down to the scent. Great selection of games including SET, fresh cakes and speciality coffee including a nice choice of filter brews. Closed on Tuesdays.


This cafe, which is also a bakery, is very serious about quality and good food. Pastries such as cardamom twists or miso-cinnamon buns are featured on their breakfast options, accompanied by the smoothest Sproud latte. Organic and local, lives up to the hype.

Lunchroom Appels & Peren

Appelstraat 155, 2564 ED Den Haag

Great cakes and juicy sandwiches for lunch. Located in the Fruit district, on Apple street!


Vlaamsch Broodhuys

Here you are guaranteed to enjoy your tea time, with a choice of delicious pastries and coffee, lunch and breakfast, as well as a selection of sourdough bread to grab on your way out. A chill spot a few meters away from another bakery in the same style.


Cafe Madeleine

A nice cafe with a French atmosphere and lovely sitting terrace.

The Upside Cafe

Great for a quick bite in the sun. Generous breakfast.

Do you have a place you think I should check out? Don’t hesitate to post in the comments or email me !

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