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Picking favourites when it comes to second-hand shops is personal. I personally don’t like getting one style shoved into my face, this is why I don’t tend to favour classic “vintage” boutiques and would rather sort through your friend’s post Kon Marie bin bag. Yet, Den Haag offers possibilities for every thrifter and I hope I can be the matchmaker you need.

Second hand shopping has become – well – second nature to me. So much that I get thrown-off when I go into shops that neatly display ten of the same item in a different size or put together entire sections with ready-to-buy style lifted right from the catwalk. Indeed second hand is also freehand: freedom to interpret size, labels, gender, purpose. It can be daunting to be perspicacious when left alone with all this freedom. You may have to develop an “eye” for it which only comes with experience. Once that initial fear is subdued you will realise how much of a creative process second-hand shopping can be and how much free space it leaves for your vision to come through when there is no easy solution to grab and buy.

From an environmental and human point of view I don’t think I need to explain why second hand is important. If many people share this perspective it can still be hard to apply it to everyday life. From a personal standpoint I can testify you will grow disinterested of Fast Fashion shops and if I may – feel their vibe and react to it differently than you did before. Retail therapy and fashion can coexist with sustainable practices. Second hand shopping used to be a category for me, something where I could get a few original pieces but now, to the exception of underwear and some classic pieces such as black jeans, it is my primary source. This doesn’t mean my style is overly eccentric or rugged: we buy use and discard so much, you could probably follow the fashion trends just a month later.

It becomes a reflex to reach out to these places before spending full price on something new. Not only for clothing but for kitchen appliances, music, fabric, games, cards, you name it. Now, without further ado let’s get into the best spots of The Hague for second hand shopping.

As usual for these kinds of posts the list is ever evolving so keep an eye on this page!

Click here for the map with all locations, press full screen below to search or zoom.

Emmaus Beeklan

Beeklaan 315, 2562 AJ Den Haag – €
Open Wed, Fri, Sat.

Lovely shop, always changing, curated with an eye for design and yet very affordable. Lovely atmosphere created by a luminous team of people. Will become a favourite in no time! The shop is divided in two spaces a few meters apart.

Types of items: clothes, shoes, accessories, books, kitchen appliances, furniture, kids electronics, DIY, stationary, luminary, CD, LP, games and DVD.

Emmaus Welvaartsresten

Prinsegracht 36, 2512 GA Den Haag
Open Wed, Thur, Friday

A very big space with a room for every category of items you could think off. Lovely people.

Sprinkel + Hop

Weimarstraat 19, 2562 GN Den Haag – €€
Closed Mon, Tues, Thursd.

It took me so long to go into this shop because I thought it was going to be too pricey. Turns out, the shop offer a wide selection of things that range from expensive to super affordable. And what an arrangement! Worth a peak just for the kicks.

Types of items: accessories, home decor, luminary, furniture…

Antiquariaat “Colette”

Reinkenstraat 45, 2517 CP Den Haag – €

A maze of books, piles and piles to look through – Jenga at your own risk! Lovely owner, good prices. Look out for cute cat pictures.

Types of items: books in French, Dutch, English

Bibeloo Enzo (sadly closed)

Korte Poten 40, 2511 EE Den Haag – €€

A nice shop in the centre with an especially nice antique jewellery selection.

Types of items: accessories, clothes, jewellery

Heet Strijken (sadly closed)

Prins Hendrikstraat 30 b, 2518 HT Den Haag – €€

Lovely owner, ever changing selection of clothes in the 80s 90s style and some local designer items at a higher price tag. If you’re looking for a funky shirt, retro skirt or snazzy sweater, this should be the place.

Types of items: clothes, accessories.

Bij Priester

Zoutmanstraat 12A, 2518 GP Den Haag – €€€

I have gone so many times into this shop and got scared away by the prices and no one told me it was a FASHION LIBRARY. A different take on second hand, this shop stands “…for honest and beautiful products and want to keep a craft alive. We rather repair things than throw them away and prefer sharing over owning. We take the time to live consciously and make real connections.”. Worth a try.

Types of items: clothes, accessories.

Kringloop Den Haag-Weimarstraat

Weimarstraat 81, 2562 GS Den Haag – €
Open every day

If you pop-in enough times a month, you can be sure to leave with a catch. A good neighbourhood staple and reliable retailer for all the basics.

Types of items: clothes, accessories, kitchen appliances, electronics, home wear, DVD, CD, LP, games, etc..

Schroeder Kringloop Holland

25, Piet Heinstraat, 2518 CB Den Haag – €
Closed on Sundays

A small selection you can brush through quickly and often. Shame it is organised by colours but still very nice shop. If you go a bit further down the street you will find the other part of the shop (see below).

Types of items: clothes, accessories,

Kringloop Den Haag-Piet Heinstraat

Piet Heinstraat 69, 2518 CC Den Haag – €
Closed on Sundays

Very big shop with all sorts of home furniture and electronics as well as kids games, books and LPs. Nice and welcoming staff.

Types of items: electronics, home goods, kids items, books, CD, DVD, LP, etc…

Schroeder Kringloop Holland Loosduinsekade

Loosduinsekade 156, 2571 BV Den Haag – €
Closed on Sundays

Perhaps not your go-to if you are looking for clothes but cheap prices and a big selection of home furniture and kitchen equipment.

Types of items: electronics, home goods, kids items, clothing, furniture, etc…

Pakkie Deftig Zamenhofstraat – €

Zamenhofstraat 63, 2571 AA Den Haag

A big and very well organised shop with lovely staff.  Sometimes items are priced a little high but overall very reasonable. Quite a few special pieces including some vintage items. better go with an open mind than hoping to find basics.

Types of items: clothes, accessories, books

Kessler Stichting – Pakkie Deftig – €

De la Reyweg 530, 2571 GN Den Haag

A small-ish store, very good prices worth popping by.

Types of items: clothing

All-Labels – €

Stationsweg 55, 2515 BJ Den Haag

A store full of character and warmth, the most delightful owner and wonderful art on the way. You can feel the love the minute you come in. The outside may be deceiving but the railroad interior gives room for A LOT of pieces. Don’t be overwhelmed and start looking. A mix of vintage and current but overall very affordable.

Types of items: clothes, accessories, shoes

Reshare Store, photo credits Indebuurt

Schroeder Kringloop Holland Fahrenheitstraat

Fahrenheitstraat 343, 2561 DX Den Haag – €
Closed on Sundays

Sometimes a little on the pricey side for what it is but still entirely reasonable. Also sorted by colour. Still good to pop your head in once in a while.

Types of items: clothes, DVD, CV, LP, vinyl, games, accessories, kitchen and home appliances, bedding, electronics

Reshare Store

Paviljoensgracht 35, 2512 BL Den Haag

Never miss to find a gem or two when I pass by, and the prices are always reasonable. Nice large space with different categories.

Types of items: clothes, shoes, accesories


Molenstraat 39, 2513 BJ Den Haag – €€
Open every day

Chain store of second hand clothing, not my favourite because the style is a little too much “on-the-nose alternative” and I suspect they buy bulk.  Anybody order twenty flannel shirts, fifteen polos, three pairs of converse and five levi jeans? A good entry point.

Types of items: accessories, clothes.


Conradkade 34, 2517 BP Den Haag
Closed Mon, Sun. – €€

More “vintage” than second hand this place still is a good idea if you are looking for a stand-out piece and want to take your time browsing and looking through the shop.

Types of items: clothes and accessories

Kringloop Schroeder Torenstraat

Torenstraat 2, 2513 BS Den Haag

Closed on Sundays

A new addition to the Schroeder locations right in the centre. The stock moves quickly, have found quite a few nice clothing pieces there and nice to have a second hand location in the city centre with reasonable prices. Thumbs up!

Honorable mentions: Paagman & American Book Center

Lange Poten 41, 2511 CM Den Haag &
Lange Poten 23, 2511 CM Den Haag – €€

Both of these bookstores have a second-hand section on the second floor. Worth a look around.

Types of items: Books in different languages, some games.

I hope you enjoyed this selection and that you found some nice things along the way. Please let me know if you went to any of these places and remember, a lot of these are charities and as well as stores, so don’t forget to donate and volunteer! If you have any questions or other stores to suggest please don’t hesitate to comment below. Happy browsing!

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