This blog was created with the intention to provide support for everyday life past the year 2000. The title pays homage to the changed landscape of generations born around the millennia. Surviving 2000, based on personal experience, may include a good dose of escapism, feminism, reflections on climate change and a focus on community-based initiatives. The format may expand but it remains threading the line between self-care and activism: how much information can I take in before I can’t bear to get out of bed? On the other hand, how do I keep living a meaningful life, the very thing I seek to protect? How do I connect with others and with nature and at the same time, remain tuned-in to fast-changing, global trends and feeds? 

To navigate all this may includes but is not limited to: empowering and uplifting TV shows, sustainable lifestyle tips, deep-dives into popular ideas like circular economy. An idea that always stays with me is the importance of strengthening local support networks. In that perspective I also aim to showcase all the initiatives and activities happening in and around The Hague, Netherlands, where I live. I hope to be a source of information for visitors coming to discover all that the city has to offer and a spot where curious-minded individuals can discover new adventures.

Illustration credit: Ambivalently Yours