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Here are a few (sometimes silly) ideas of things to do if you find yourself bored in the house while self isolating during this corona outbreak. Please take them lightly and most importantly stay safe!

Some of these require equipment, ingredients or tools that you may not be able to procure yourself at this time. However most rely on basic home appliances or re-using something you already own, you should definitely be able to get some inspiration if you have run out of ways to occupy your time.

Just a note though, confinement and social distancing is not some writers retreat or sabbatical. I mean this in the sense that yes, you have a lot of time on your hands but this is also a very stress-filled and anxious time – worrying about loves ones, healthcare systems, loss of income, the general atmosphere is tense and I recommend you try as much as you can to be kind to yourself in these trying times. Of course, self-care comes in many ways and getting up and dressed in the morning can definitely help with morale, just try to find a balance between that and the minute-by-minute scheduling that has been going around on social media.

Note: As my experience in that field is lacking, this list contains only very little entries about ideas specifically targeted to parenting and home schooling. However I did read this really amazing thread about more in depth learning catered to your child’s learning style and I do think a lot of suggestions will apply (crafting, reading, etc.)

  1. cook a new dish (pasta alfredo? Gnocchis)
  2. de-clutter your cabinets and junk drawers
  3. germinate some seeds
  4. replant some plants
  5. grow other vegetables out of your vegetables (pepper for instance, more here)
  6. watch TV shows (here are some faves)
  7. watch a movie (like Shrek)
  8. read a book
  9. do a decorative DIY project (find inspo on youtube like lone fox)
  10. bake a cake (and decorate it!)
  11. work/study from home (tips video from the great Ashley aka bestdressed)
  12. up-cycle clothes
  13. descale your sink and kettle
  14. clean your windows
  15. take up a new language (so many options)
  16. start a detox/cleanse (like tumeric, apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper)
  17. barbecue (if you have an outside area of course)
  18. cut your hair (fringe?) or let it grow out (over your undercut? Now is the time)
  19. dye your hair
  20. volunteer/help out where needed if it is safe
  21. journal (video or written)
  22. paint (perhaps a portrait? or give Bob Ross a try)
  23. deep clean the oven
  24. learn a tik tok dance
  25. make parkour paths for your cats/kid
  26. knit/crochet
  27. play board games or card games
  28. call your loved ones
  29. yoga or at home workouts
  30. tidy your playlists
  31. go full Marie Kondo
  32. watch a documentary
  33. start an online course on coursera for instance or skillshare
  34. learn to code
  35. take some photos
  36. organise your paperwork
  37. facetime/skype for business or pleasure
  38. reply to emails
  39. unsubscribe from unwanted mailing-lists
  40. take out the recycling
  41. go on a short walk and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air
  42. listen to a podcast
  43. learn to braid your own hair or do your nails
  44. take up an extensive skincare routine
  45. face mask (or your own sugar wax)
  46. fix things around the house
  47. mend your clothes
  48. air out your duvet
  49. play video games (on phone or console, easy with friends)
  50. read comics/manga
  51. plank/push up/sit up challenge
  52. watch anime
  53. learn a new skill like Morse code or lock-picking
  54. try the ice coffee cream trend
  55. make some elaborate cocktails
  56. chill out and do nothing
  57. mind map/mood board
  58. write a theatre piece or haiku/poems
  59. learn calligraphy
  60. write letters
  61. try to master the perfect cat eye, cut crease or lip liner
  62. watch some YouTube (how about making over a yurt)
  63. try your hand at decoding emojis (movie version, friends version, Disney version)
  64. Sudoku, crosswords, etc
  65. colouring/connect the dots
  66. take a bath
  67. paint a wall/furniture
  68. (remotely with friends) make silly PowerPoint presentations about niche topics
  69. think of some really good gift ideas
  70. online shop (responsibly)
  71. volunteer online (for instance with the UN)
  72. tie dye
  73. hand wash that silk shirt you’ve had at the bottom of your laundry basket for ever
  74. keep up with news and best practices without obsessing
  75. pottery
  76. puzzle
  77. make jam
  78. make bread (even further: make a sourdough starter
  79. learn a monologue
  80. find a way to support your local small businesses (some have gift coupons for instance!)
  81. scout social media for relatable memes
  82. thoroughly moisturise
  83. sleep
  84. plant herb garden or terrarium
  85. make jewellery
  86. (depending how many people you are confined with) have a wine tasting
  87. finally go through all the pictures on your camera roll and delete some
  88. donate within your means
  89. learn a new instrument (if you don’t have one lying around, try the cup song LINK)
  90. sew an easy project like reusable bags or scrunchies
  91. (if with partner, alone or via video call) go through the 36 questions to fall in love
  92. make up your own board game
  93. origami
  94. practice touching your toes everyday (or handstand, or cartwheel)
  95. re-arrange your furniture
  96. defrost your freezer
  97. make your own peanut butter/cashew milk
  98. spelling bee?
  99. mini indoors treasure hunt
  100. watch cute animal videos
  101. if applicable, have in depth conversations with your pet about how good they are

Hope you enjoyed this list, please share in the comments or on your social media platforms if you tried any of these! Do you have any other ideas? If we gather enough I will make a part two. Stay safe everyone!

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